Before and After the Claymore

Part of the original park plan an old ski run is ideal for a future slopestyle course. May of 2005 Armed with Husqvarna’s Dennis and Colby get an early start on the prep Most of the initial 10 year tree growth is cleared   The 2008 Killicrankie course is in place and the Claymore Challenge […]

Aaron Chase Designer Roof

Aaron shares an idea to include a roof feature in a slopestyle course. Months later the roof gets a signature of approval.


This is a Dobsonfly. According to Wikipedia these guys emit a foul-smelling anal spray as a last-ditch defense.  This guy lives under the roof. Dane’s table Step up to roof Roof Top Manual off the roof

Sign, Roof and Freebird

The Highland sign waits in the dirt while the roof waits for some more hemlock panels and the "freebird" waits for tire tracks… Looking back up at a wet course.  We got the rain we needed!


The trail crew bust out another day on the course.  High heat and super dry conditions don’t stop the progress.  A night time misty rain sure would be nice…


The Claymore Challenge is fast approaching and once again Mad March Racing returns to Highland Mountain Bike Park to offer another round of high end coaching.  MMR freestyle coach Chris Vandine will lead a 2 day slopestyle camp on Highland’s very own Killiecrankie Slopestyle Course. The Camp is a must for those who want to […]

Claymore Challenge Course

Looking out the office window… At the start of course you have 3 options: Small (left of photo), medium, and large If you choose Pro Line you gap the hippo trench and run-in to large step-down Roll the bridge for 1 & 2 – don’t worry tools won’t be there… Looking back at the step-downs […]