Dirt is the BEST

So far this week we have piled up some serious dirt mounds, check out the pics. They may look intimidating but they aren’t as big as they look, the landings are long because the grade is downhill. Tomorrow I will start laying out the beginner lines of jumps. Email me at davesmutok@highlandmountain.com for questions or […]

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Whats up everybody? What a great weekend of riding at Highland the trails were running super good, dry and fast . Toward the end of last week we got the beginnings of some new jump lines roughed in. So far there are a few jumps in a beginner table top line, and a line of […]

Pump Track session

Yesterday afternoon Herb and I session the pump track, it was the first day it was dry and fast. Dennis was there documenting our fun. Check out some of his pics. nofoot can-can Herb and I shredding Herb boosting I am working on putting up a video of some laps so check back. later – […]

June 8

Dave: Two things, First off the pump track is ready to rip all weekend as long as it stays dry. Second thing, my partner in this dirt jump project, Herb, wants to say whats up. He pretty much got me hooked on biking in high school we used to leave school to build dirt jumps […]

Hey everyone the blog is up and running so stay tuned for updates and get ready for a spectacular 2007 season. I am super excited to be part of the Highland team, it is a great group of guys sharing an awesome vision. The past month we jumped right into construction of the dirt jump […]